2022 Winter Olympics



Walk To Bethlehem

Every other Advent season our school puts on a "WALK TO BETHLEMEN". This is an outdoor event where the public can walk through and see different scenes from the Christmas Story with the final scene of Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus.

"You've Been Blessed" Yard Signs

During the Spring of 2020 when we were forced to learn virtually, our school family stayed connected by blessing each other with an ongoing yard sign and a goodie treat! Our 4 yard signs traveled from each home of every family at our school!

Drama Club

Each Spring our school Drama Club puts on a production.  

Our plays have been open to grades3-8at St. Patrick School.

In the past our school has performed:

Beauty and the Beast Jr.  2019

The Pirates   2018

Charlie Meets Willie Wonka 2017

The Wizard of OZ 2016

Tails from the Cat in the Hat 2015

Heritage Day

St. Patrick School celebrates Heritage Day each school year   Activities during the afternoon helped  define the local customs and traditions from our past.  Activities during Heritage Day  include learning about a Voyageur Camp Paddle Dance that local fur traders and travelers performed as they traded, traveled, and camped along Stoney Creek and other Michigan Waterways. Heritage crafts such as spinning and pottery, a 'What's for Dinner" activity to help students understand that there were no grocery stores or refrigeration like we have today so people needed to hunt  to obtain food.  A  Hoop Roll Relay and other games that students at St. Patrick School played at recess during the early years of the school in the 1886o' and 1870's. Students are also able to view a Beaver Pelt and other furs from animals that were hunted and traded in Michigan. They get to try an early 1900's egg sorting scale for size and weight  and a celtic drum like the ones brought to this area by Irish Immigrants who along with German Immigrants founded St. Patrick Church. A special thanks goes to Mrs. and Mrs. Frank Dobberstein for lending us the "What's For Dinner Activity" and to the St. Patrick PTO for providing Ice Cream Treats at the end of the event. Thanks to Mrs. Wickenheiser for organizing this day for our school!

8th Annual Back to School FUN RUN
in memory of Mike Busen