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"5-full days at St Patrick School and its NOT just for Catholics"

"5 Full Days at St. Patrick School (and it's not just for Catholics)" 


Looking for an alternative to online education and home-schooling? Find out why private education at St. Patrick School in Carleton isn't just for Catholics. In this 30-minute session, hear from school administration, teachers and parents to see if St. Patrick's School is the right fit for your family. We're offering 5 full days of in-person class for students. We'll cover common questions and misconceptions about enrolling in a Catholic school. There will also be time for you to ask questions of our panel. At the close of our session you will have options for learning more, meeting with school officials, and learning about financial assistance. 

Update 6/30/2020...

St. Patrick School was able to successfully go completely virtual/online from March-June2020.  Thanks to our dedicated staff and our technology already in place this was possible.  St Patrick School plans to be 5 full days face-to-face instruction in August of 2020 for all grades levels. 

(including before & after school latchkey)

St. Patrick School’s COVID-19 Response Plan


             MARCH 2020:  Due to the current pandemic our school has moved to an online learning strategy. Below are the various avenues being used to keep communication and learning strong during this difficult time. Each teacher is utilizing combined options to best support their class’s needs. This list is constantly changing, and the teachers are be agile to meet each student needs as we navigate to online learning. 


            St. Patrick School is set up with a 1:1 student to Chromebook ratio. This allows St. Patrick School to temporarily provide any student in need of a device with a Chromebook. Some teachers are getting creative and even sending activities and assignments through the mail. 

Technology platforms:

Zoom Meetings - Teachers are setting up Zoom calls at scheduled frequencies to accommodate each class’s needs. 

Google Classroom - Depending on the age group, Teachers are utilizing google classroom to assign and submit assignments.

Online websites – Each teacher has sought out various websites that provide interactive learning games and activities to keep students engages and learning. This also allows teachers the flexibility to accommodate various learning styles. 

Pre-recorded videos (Loom, YouTube) – Daily morning prayers have been recorded by our principles for families to utilize. Some teachers are recording lessons and posting for students to view at home. 


Daily E-mails – Each student at St. Patrick School has been given an email to have open communication that supports flexible schedules. Most teachers are sending daily emails to provide detailed instructions on each subject’s expectations and learning plans.

Weekly Video Calls – Some teachers are doing individual calls weekly to each student/family to check in and provide additional support as needed.

Flexible, Personal Contact – Teachers have provided parents with various way to contact them directly with any questions and concerns; Classdojo, Facetime, Google, Email, Phone, etc.

Students and Remote Learning Picture Gallery

March 2020-June 2020