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When you  download the free powerschool app use GBMF all capital. It is titled as our St. Patrick district code used to identify our school.


 You can download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android devices.   

Grading Scale & Assignment Information

3rd-8th Grade


*All assignments are due the next day unless otherwise stated by the teacher. Students who turn in papers after the teacher collects the assignments will receive 10 % off their grade per school day late. (I.E. student receives an 88% score, the paper is two school days late:student receives a 68% Grade)
*Three percentage points will be deducted on papers with no name/heading. (I.E. Student receives 90% on paper, No Name=87%)


A (93-100)
B (85-92)
C (74-84)
D (65-73)
U (0-64)
CP [continuous progress (Lower than grade level, not a failure)]
I [incomplete (Additional work must be completed before a letter grade is given)]



Students in grades K-2 will use the standards based report card with the following letter grades:

P Proficient 

D Developing 

N Needs Support

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