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Saint Patrick Classical Academy offers an academic program that provides a gradual coordinated and personalized process of learning. The faculty’s daily commitment is toward enabling the individual student to become a well-educated and integrated Christian in an educational environment which fosters faith, knowledge, and service.


Saint Patrick Classical Academy carefully follows the curriculum guidelines laid down for elementary schools through the Archdiocese of Detroit( and National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools.  Additional information can be found at the

Along side these curriculum guidelines, Saint Patrick Classical Academy incorporates the modality of the Institute of Catholic Liberal Education, of which we are a member school. Our curriculum aims at directing students toward that which is True, Beautiful and Good. The intention is to teach students “how to think” so that they will think truly, and act rightly – This was the goal of the ancient Romans, and the Greeks. It was the educational model of the Christians of the Middle Ages, and of the founding fathers of the United States of America. 


Religion curriculum uses the guidelines found in the Archdiocese of Detroit Religion Standards for each grade level @2017.


Saint Patrick is fully accredited with MANS (Michigan Association of Non-Public Schools) and teachers have and/or work toward certification through the State of Michigan.


Saint Patrick Classical Academy curriculum includes: Religion, Grammar, Math, Latin, History, Geography, Science, Literature (Reading), Spelling, Writing, Vocabulary, and Cursive. 

To this curriculum Saint Patrick Classical Academy is provided Art, music, physical education and technology provided by Airport Community Schools.


Teachers are committed to using best practices in education and employ a variety of techniques in classroom instruction. Subject areas are often combined into an integrated unit of study.

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Goals and Objectives for Curriculum Program:

  • Spiritual Development – To provide a Christian learning environment and develop students’ understanding and love of Christ, self and others throughout a lifelong journey of faith.

  • Intellectual Development – To create an opportunity for each student to develop his/her full potential as a lifelong learner.

  • Academic Excellence – To provide each student with the opportunity to strive for academic excellence.

  • Emotional Development – To provide a Christian learning environment which promotes healthy emotional development.

  • Moral Development – To provide a Christ centered development, based on the principles of the gospels, to enable the formation of conscience.

  • Social Development – To assist each student in developing personal relationships and the ability to appreciate diverse views, approaches, and cultures.

  • Physical Development – To provide students with opportunities for, and an understanding of, the need for physical well-being

  • Aesthetic Development – To strive to provide each student with an understanding of, as well as opportunities and means of expressing aesthetic creativity through the arts.

Meghan Kovalak – PK 4 and 1st Grader

Meghan Kovalak – PK 4 and 1st Grader

average rating is 5 out of 5

"St. Patrick is a small school in our community that features unbelievably dedicated educators and staff. They work hard to create a close knit familial environment that incorporates religious education on a daily basis. The smaller class sizes present at this school enable each child to receive direct guidance and individualized attention. All of these factors combined with the never ending support of actively involved parents and parish members have factored into our decision to send our children to St. Patrick School."


Technology is integrated with our curriculum as a tool to enhance the learning experience, including:

  • 1:1 Laptop/Chromebook to student ratio Kg to 8th grade. 

  • Promethean Boards in each classroom Kg-8th



School Auction and Grants help to pay for new technology for the school


​Students in our K-8 classes have participated in field trips to the following locations in addition to many others:

  • Trabbic Farms

  • Detroit Tigers Game

  • Bowling During Catholic Schools Week

  • SMCC Drama Performance at River Raisin Center for the Arts

  • and more!




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