"My husband and I are proud to send our children to St. Patrick School. We value an environment that builds upon the work we do as parents in raising our children with strong moral character, principles and faith. The teachers and staff genuinely care about each student and class sizes are small enough to allow every child to be nurtured as an individual to ensure their success.

My children are fourth generation students because of the support and commitment of family, friends, and a community that celebrates and has faith in Catholic education. We have strong roots in our little school and St. Patrick's continues to be a blessing for our family."

Nicole (Wickenheiser) Jaskot - St. Patrick Alumni/Parent

"Being an alumni of St. Pats, I had a great experience at the school.  I remember the quality education I received and the discipline the school instilled.  Most importantly though, was the sense of family and community in the school.  When my family visited the open house last year, we were welcomed and felt at home.  We knew we were making the right choice for our daughter."

Andrew Konyha - St. Patrick Alumni/Parent

"We have two children. One has always been in private schools. The other was in public. He has Autism and was with a paraprofessional all day and receiving services for his needs.  He would come home upset all the time. When COVID hit, we got to work with him at home and we saw how much he was underserved. We opted to enroll him at St. Patrick’s along with his sister and we have watched him make enormous progress since. Our biggest regret is not doing this sooner. He is so happy there and has made such incredible strides! I highly recommend parents to enroll their child(ren) at St. Pats. It’s leaps and bounds better than public schools!" Katie Setzler - Parent

“A school community that provides a safe and nourishing learning environment with an emphasis on morals and Catholicism. I promise you will not find another school like it in the area!”

Cara Morrison – Parent


"St. Patrick’s is a one of a kind school community, built on dedication to faith and education.  Every day students are challenged to develop a love for learning inside and outside of the classroom.  The Administration, Teachers, and entire School Community are dedicated to supporting students and encouraging their spiritual and personal growth."

Jeff Goins – Parent/Public School Teacher


"St. Patrick is a small school in our community that features unbelievably dedicated educators and staff. They work hard to create a close knit familial environment that incorporates religious education on a daily basis. The smaller class sizes present at this school enable each child to receive direct guidance and individualized attention. All of these factors combined with the never ending support of actively involved parents and parish members have factored into our decision to send our children to St. Patrick School."

Meghan Kovalak – Parent

Our son Deven started at St Pats last year as an 8th grader and has been treated like a part of the family since day one. He loves just how welcoming everyone has been including all of the students and the staff. It is a much smaller more personal experience than public school. As parents we love how much more attentive his teachers have been, but more importantly we've watched as Deven began to thrive. He pushes himself to keep his grades up and we love to see him WANT to be involved in everything that the school does. This includes volunteer work, sports and even the upcoming school play. He really feels like he has become a part of this small close nit community and we just could not be happier with our decision to bring him over to St Pats. 

Laura West - Parent

We enrolled our 6th Grader in St Patrick School this year 2020/2021, we were craving faith based teaching, face to face instruction and social interaction with students her own age.  We are thrilled our daughter is learning scripture, attending mass and has created a prayer journal.   She looks forward to going to school, loves playing sports with her friends and being a big part of a small class.  The student to teacher ratio allows for personal interaction and attention.

Wendy and Greg Stevens - Parents