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Mrs. Jones, Teacher

About Mrs. Jones

I am excited to be a St. Pat’s Giant, officially accepting a position to join the already fantastic team of professionals assembled to educate our children. God has been tugging me more and more in the direction of the school to share my abilities and strengths within this community. I was raised in Carleton, MI and have resided within a 15-minute radius for my entire life. I am a Catholic Convert, having received all my sacraments with Father John Hedges of New Boston. I married Benjamin Jones in 2009 and we have nine children; Abigail (12), Isabelle (10), Robert (9), Margaret (8), Olivia (7), Amelia (5), Benjamin (4), Thomas (3), and Kathleen (1). I have been classroom managing an early elementary classroom for the better part of a decade, typically with a toddler and baby in tow. My family and I are members of Divine Grace Parish and St. Mary’s the Annunciation of Rockwood. I have spent my professional career outside of the home serving underprivileged families in the inner city for the past 17 years. I am truly blessed and honored to join Carl’s team of educators and I look forward to seeing what Jesus does in our school community this year and for many years to come.

Classroom Highlights

The first  grade curriculum is designed for your child to realize their full potential. Through a Christ centered learning environment your child will not only grow academically, they will flourish spiritually, cultivating the whole person.



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