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Saint Patrick School Foundation

Have you heard about the Saint Patrick School Foundation? The Saint Patrick’s School Foundation is a United States IRS recognized charitable corporation which qualifies under Section 501 (c)(3).   The foundation was founded in 2017 and has the sole purpose of raising funds to support St. Patrick’s School located in Carleton MI. It is the goal of foundation to provided advanced technology, educational support, support growth strategies, and assist in school facility improvements as needed.   

Latest update from SPS Foundation: 

Since the formation of the St. Patrick School Foundation we have provided Tuition Assistance to many students making Catholic Education more affordable. We are happy to help bring students into our school with these scholarships and are proud to be part of it our growth! Last spring the foundation purchased an additional 25 Chromebooks for our students, and we are now excited to say that we have 1 to 1 student coverage with our technology! The St. Patrick School Foundation will once again be sponsoring the prizes for 23rd Annual School Auction Raffle. The cash prize awards have been one of our annual sponsorship for the school, so we

need your help in selling the raffle tickets. A few weeks ago, we purchased 8 new bathroom faucets for the new school. The installation is planned soon so those kids can thoroughly wash their hands heading into Fall. We would like to welcome Joel Grubb to our Board of Directors. Joel joins Aaron Jones, Ericka Alessandrini, Pat Wickenheiser, Tom Busen, and Jessica Jones to complete our current board of Directors. Lastly we would like to thank our generous donors over the past year, your donations allow our Foundation to continue to provide for our students! 

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