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Fr. Smulders started the first school in the old log church in 1848. In 1867, a combination school/convent building was erected. On January 1868, three Immaculate Heart of Mary (I.H.M.) sisters arrived from their motherhouse to service the spiritual and education needs of our youth. 

The school/convent structure was replaced with separate convent and school buildings in 1909. A school fire on May 30, 1926 destroyed the school. Another school was immediately erected on the foundation of the one which had been burned. This school now holds grades one/two and three/four, the school science lab,a meeting room, school library/art room, music room, and teacher resource room. 

As the school’s enrollment increased, a second building was erected in 1955. This building presently houses grades kindergarten, five/six, and seven/eight, extended day and preschool room, computer room, and the school office. 

The last teaching IHM sister, Sr. Marge Fogarty, left St. Patrick School in 1994. The last religious principal, a Sister of St. Joseph, Sr. Jeanne Lenore Twomey, retired in 1998 and for the first time a completely lay school staff worked under the direction of the pastor. 

On July 1, 2013, St. Patrick Parish - Carleton and St. Joseph Parish – Maybee merged and became Divine Grace Parish. St. Patrick Catholic School now operates in conjunction with Divine Grace Parish administration. 

In 1995 St. Patrick Catholic School was awarded accreditation from MANS (Michigan Association of Non-public Schools).  Our school continues to be monitored through this association with the submission of annual school improvement plans to document school compliance with all regulations and continued school improvement achievements. The latest MANS accreditation renewal included an on-site visit from the Archdiocese of Detroit and was completed during May, 2015.



Lord God, we glorify your holy name and thank you for calling us, the people of St. Patrick School, to be one in the faith of Christ. Bless our pastor, principal, director of religious education, and all school leaders who serve in our community. Provide them with wisdom, strength, and courage as they guide us and help our school community to grow. Bless our teachers and other staff members. Give them understanding, patience, and wisdom as they share their faith and knowledge with the St. Patrick School students. Bless our students. Protect our youth and keep their families safe. Help them to grow in grace, joy, and knowledge. Fill our school community with your Spirit of love and help us to be generous in service to others. We ask your divine intercession for protection from all harm so that we may glorify your name and honor the youth you so dearly love. Heavenly Father, we ask these blessings through your beloved Son, Christ our Lord. Amen. 



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