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St. Patrick School Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply and get registered?

      Go to this link!

What are the average number of students each year and what are the average class sizes?

St. Patrick school prides itself on the strong student-teacher ratio of 12:1. This increases the ability to accommodate each child and support learning to higher growth. Over the last five years St. Patrick School has averaged 95 students per year. In addition, a multi-grade strategy is used for first grade and above; often combining grades 1&2, grades 3&4, grades 5&6, and grade 7&8 for an average combined class sizes of 12 students. Some may view multi-grade classrooms as a negative, but St. Patrick School has developed a strategy to maximize the benefits for the students. To learn more about the benefits of multi-grade classrooms please go to the following link:

Is there financial assistance available?

While St. Patrick School works hard to fundraise in order to keep tuition low, we understand that it can still be challenging with a family’s budget. St. Patrick School has been fortunate enough to have a caring foundation, the St. Patrick School Foundation, that supports our mission and goals. The Saint Patrick’s School Foundation is a United States IRS recognized charitable corporation which qualifies under Section 501 (c)(3). While the foundation has donated various technology advancements, they foundation offers annual scholarships for new and returning families. Also, qualifying families can apply for assistance through the AoD. To learn more head to our ABOUT>>TUTION tabs to see the form and understand more about the process. Providing quality and affordable learning to students is a goal, so please reach out to the St. Patrick School office to learn more and how to fit your personal situation. 


If there are any questions you have that may not be answered,

please contact us and we will get you the needed information timely. 

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