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2023-24 Preschool


Preschool Program Highlights


Welcome to St. Patrick Preschool!

Our preschool students are welcomed into a vibrant learning environment. Saint Patrick School's preschool curriculum is specially designed around the growing minds of our youngest students to create a sense of community, belonging and significance. With a developmentally-based integrated program, children are encouraged daily to actively contribute and explore.

Young Fives Program Highlights

Mrs. Kathleen Gaynier & Mrs. Anna Miller, Teachers

Young Fives is an early Kindergarten program offering 5 days of quality education for the student with a late summer, or early fall birthday or the child who may not be quite ready for the rigors of Kindergarten. The curriculum targets early literacy, and mathematics, combined with hands on social skills experiences based on solid Christian values.  Teacher: Mrs. Gaynier and Mrs. Miller

4-Year-Old Program Highlights

Mrs. Nikita Newkirk - Teacher 

Mrs. Kathleen Gaynier - Assistant

Letter People program by Abrams Publishing— Will be used for the 3yr old program and a supplement for the 4yr olds. This comprehensive language arts, social studies, science, and math series is quite impressive.  It not only includes identification of letters, but (for those students who are ready) letter sounds, application of the letters to common words, and formation of the letters in the alphabet. The Happily Ever After Reading Readiness by Rowland Reading Foundation— Will be used for the 4yr olds and Young 5’s. This program will help motivate the kids with oral language, vocabulary, listening skills, direction following, and fine motor skills, by using classic stories from children’s literature.

The Saxon Math program for pre-kindergarten is used along with math objectives found in the Letter People program.  Most of these very hands-on activities will be done at morning circle time and center time.  This math program focuses on calendar knowledge, including seasons, months, days, number awareness and identification, and counting.  Attendance, graphing, shapes, sorting, and patterning are also a large part.

Discovering God’s Child and PeaceWorks are programs used for formal religion and conflict resolution in our classroom.  Included in the PeaceWorks program are five rules, three of which we will focus on quite extensively. 

  1. We listen to each other.

  2. Hands are for helping not hurting.

  3. We use I care language.


“I-Care Cat” visits us and brings along with him books, activities, crafts, and games to reinforce the lessons he is trying to teach us.  The religion program emphasizes the importance of God in our lives and how that will effect our relationships with family, friends, and even those we may not get along with.  Daily prayer is given to God along with informal prayers and petitions by the teachers and the students.  We will try to instill a very positive relationship with God and Jesus. Other points of interest in our classroom routine are:  Seasonal activities and crafts.

3-yr/4-yr old Program Highlights

Mrs. Lisa Kemmerling & Mrs. Karen Schenavare - Teachers

Mrs. Amanda Carter - Assistant

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