2021 Construction Science grades 1-3

Science Lab

**Due to Covid-19 we are unable to fully execute our science program! We have made modifications where needed to still offer what we can at this time due to restrictions of Covid-19 requirements.  We hope very soon to get back to our excellence with Science!

St. Patrick School's Science program offers exclusive curriculum provided by NASA GLOBE Teacher

Overview of Science Curriculum 


At St. Patrick School, Science learning involves an interdependent relationship that is necessary for coming to an understanding of God’s harmonious creation that will position students to co-partner with God, to know as we are known, in the transforming of culture. Students are given the opportunity to verbalize their understandings through various pedagogical strategies that include pairing up, small group work, debates, collaborative projects, sharing requiring thoughtful and authentic questions, and whole group discussions. This process is a journey to and with God in order to become responsive and transformative. The curriculum helps the students of the science learning community travel together, including the plan, enactment, and experience of relevant issues, concepts, ideas, and skills that are central to the catechism of the Catholic Church.


Catholic Identity-Science, Technology, & Society

Our Science Curriculum addresses what makes scientific facts credible; how do new disciplines emerge; and how does science relate to religion? The curriculum also explores the spiritual, moral, and ethical impacts and control of science and technology, with particular focus on the risks that science and technology may pose to peace, security, community, democracy, environmental sustainability, and human values.

St Patrick 2020 Science Fair Results


Congratulations to all of our students. The judges were very complimentary and enjoyed seeing the interesting topics chosen for the science projects.

The first place projects will be going to the Monroe County Science Fair at the end of April.


1st Place- Wyatt Roof, Isabelle Kovalak, Franklin Lange, Genavieve Bylow,  Cale Jones, Sophia Goins, Madison Boehm, Hannah Roof, Sarah Busen, Drew Bylow, Brady Carmack, Aidan Gannon, Jessica Helfrich, Brody Meiring, Rebecca Vroman


2nd Place-Camden Grubb, Wesley Grubb, Alexa Chilson, Piper Salenbien, Nicholas Bokuniewicz, Phineas Totten, Zachary Vroman, John Illes, Seth Jones, Caleb Totten


3rd Place-Raven Hinkle, Cara Morrison, Natalie Ashcraft, Glenn Smith, Kendall Bruck, Noah Iott, Isabelle Niedermeyer, Tim Salter


Honorable Mention- Kyree Hinkle, Lisa Smith



Science and Engineering Fair of Metro Detroit 

(open to 6th to 8th graders) 

Project viewing on Friday March 12-13th at Cobo Center . 

Here are the official results of the Science and Engineering Fair at (SEFMD) at Cobo Hall that the 6th to 8th grade participated in March 10th and 11th.


A note from Mrs. Wickenheiser:  I would like to say how proud I am of our students. All of the fourteen 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students who competed in the regular competition against other students  placed. This is an awesome accomplishment to even have your project recognized as the junior division had 835 entries in 12 different Science Categories at each Grade Level and 72 in the partner project presentations for all of the 6th to 8th grade in one group.

The seven 6th, 7th, and  8th grade students who entered in the Exhibition Category where projects were evaluated based on individual merit all received an Outstanding or Excellent level. 


Results for the Regular Competition entries are as follows:


Partner Presentations

Victoria Busen/ Adela Illes- !st place

Sophia Goins/Seth Jones- 3rd place


Grand Award

Drew Bylow

Drew Bylow's Project was  Honored in 2020 by the University of Michigan Chapter of Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Honor Society 

Second Place

Aidan Gannon


3rd Place 

Madison Boehm

Sarah Busen

Rebecca Vroman


4th Place

John Illes

Hannah Roof


5th Place

Brady Carmack

Brody Meiring

Caleb Totten


Students entered in the Exhibition Category are as follows:

Kendall Bruck

Jessica Helfrich

Noah Iott

Isabelle Niedermeyer

Timothy Salter

Lisa Smith

Zachary Vroman

Monroe County Science Fair 2020- CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19

2020 Midwest Regional Symposium NASA GLOBE


This year the Symposium is being held at Northern Iowa University. Seven students from St. Patrick were invited. For consideration students had to have a project on an aspect of the Hydrosphere, Atmosphere, or Pedosphere. Open to 6th to 8th grade. 

Congratulations to Madison Bruck, Sarah Busen, Victoria Busen, Drew Bylow, Seth Jones, Hannah Roof, and Caleb Totten for being asked to participate. 

In 2017 St. Patrick students Drew Wickenheiser and Gracie Bylow were invited to attend the Midwest Regional Symposium held at Purdue University in Indiana where Gracie received an award for a top 3 Project.  In 2018 Gracie Bylow attended the Symposium held at Wayne State University in Michigan and received a medal for having a College Level Project. 

GLOBE Mission Earth's Satellite Student Conference- SATELLITES (Students And Teachers Exploring Local Landscapes to Interpret The Earth from Space) 

The Conference is held at the University of Toledo and is for students from grades Kindergarten through 12th. The Teacher flier for the  2019 SATELLITES NASA Globe Conference features three of our students from last year’s conference: Genevieve Bylow, Cale Jones, and Gracie Bylow! Other St. Patrick students who presented their work last year at the conference were Sarah Busen, Drew Bylow, Brady Carmack,  Alaina Hartford, John Illes,  and Hannah Roof,.

St. Patrick School's Science program is led by NASA GLOBE Teacher, Mrs. Maureen Wickenheiser.


Along with providing an exclusive curriculum integrated with GLOBE protocol and NASA, Mrs. Wickenheiser also contributes as 2018's State of Michigan Agricultural Science Teacher of the Year as well as serves as a chairman of the YMCA Camps STEM Outdoor Education programs.

Mrs. Maureen Wickenheiser, Teacher


Hello, My name is Maureen Wickenheiser. I live in Carleton on our family farm with my husband, Joe. I have 3 children-Emily, Sydney, and Ryan and  a wonderful daughter-in-law, Chelsea. I am a BIG football fan! I also enjoy watching baseball, cooking, reading, and spending time playing with my grand-daughter Rowan.


I attended the University of Michigan (both undergraduate and graduate), Marygrove, and the University of Detroit-Mercy.  I have been a guest lecturer at Eastern Michigan University in the Reading Masters Program, am a Teacher Trainer for Differentiated Instruction, and have served on the State of Michigan Test for Teacher Certification Social Studies Review Committee. I have been in Catholic School Education for the past 24 years. I am a certified Catechist and have completed the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Level 1.