Our school participates in many service projects each year! 

Projects have been organized to help collect  donations for:

Paula's House (Monroe)

Selah's Center (Monroe)

Heartbeat (Monroe)

Collecting coats for Capuchin Services Center (Detroit), Ronald McDonald House

St. Vincent de Paul

Paula's Angel's

Good Will

Oaks of Righteousness

Ovarian Cancer Awareness - Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance

and many more in the past years!

October 2021

Service Project 

Donation of bags of Halloween candy to donate to the Seminarians who hand out candy on Halloween!  Please bring all candy to the school office  before October 28th!

upcoming November 2021 Service Project
- collecting tabs off pop cans to donate to the Ronald McDonald House!  I you would like to help please drop your tabs off at the school office anytime before November 30, 2021  

August/September 2021 - MIOCA -
St. Patrick School Students collected $802 to donate to MIOCA


March 2021 - Paula's Angels