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Testing at St. Patrick School

As a matter of educational policy, standard achievement tests are administered. Archdiocesan directives and guidelines concerning testing are followed. The principal and teachers review test results for instruction and curriculum improvements. Individual results are provided to the parent/guardian. 

The aims of standard achievement tests are:

1. Assess the quality and effectiveness of the total instructional program in the school.

2. Obtain reliable information about the pattern of growth of individual students.

3. Aid teachers in diagnosis and prescription for individual students.

4. Aid guidance counselor in the placement of students for ninth grade as well as into other grade/course placement.

The High School Placement Test is available each year for all eighth grade students at the various Catholic high schools. The Iowa Standardized Assessment and AOD Religion assessment is given in October to grades 1-8. The Riverside Interim Assessment will be given in the fall, winter, and spring to monitor the individual growth of students in grades 2-8. Grade level literacy and math assessments that are correlated to the Archdiocese of Detroit Curriculum Standards are also given to monitor student achievement in grades K-8. 

In order for a student to receive special accommodations for any standardized test administration, the school must receive written recommendations for accommodation in an Individual Service Plan or profile developed by a qualified specialist. This documentation must be part of the student’s CA-60 file. Only those students whose parents/guardians have given written consent can receive accommodations.

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